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Minooy was founded to create simple and sustainable bags that are convenient and easy to use. With a focus on making daily, casual life and travel more comfortable, we have created a line of beautiful and convenient bags with exceptional quality yet at a fair price. We cherish quality, craftsmanship, and originality, and we exist to inspire confidence and self-expression in everyone. We provide you with the color and choice, so that you have the freedom to go where you want to be.

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Blog Posts

Why Was Robin Wallet Designed?

Why Was Robin Wallet Designed?

Here at Minooy, we take pride in establishing great communication with our customers. If they need something not currently on the web site, we can design a new product to meet their needs. This was the case with the Robin Wallet.
How to Remove Wrinkles in a Leather Bag?

How to Remove Wrinkles in a Leather Bag?

Overuse of your leather bag, however high the quality, can lead to it developing wrinkles and creases that ruin its overall appeal ...
How to make a Leather Pouch Bag?

How to make a Leather Pouch Bag?

If you are looking for easiest technique on how to make leather pouch bag then you are at the right place. Minooy is one of the largest brand providing top-notch leather bags worldwide.

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