How to Soften a Leather Bag?

How to Soften a Leather Bag?

If you are looking for amazing guide on How to soften a leather bag? Then you are at the right place. This guide will help you a lot in soften up the leather bag.
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When you purchase a new leather bag it is hard and stiff in texture. Many people want to make it soft. It will eventually become soft after some use. Leather bags are considered classy and premium quality bags.  Are you excited to show your leather bag to your friends and family? But the stiffness of leather is stopping you from modeling your leather item and you want it to be soft and smooth. Well, there are many methods that soften the leather bag quickly. You can soften the leather bag by using ordinary materials in your home. All you got to do is to use them in the right way. We are here to guide you in this regard. We know best about the leather and we will assist you in improving the leather softness.

Softening a leather bag will make it more luxurious and shinier. For speeding up the process of softening, you should follow our techniques. You can soft a leather bag applying a conditioner in the right way, by coconut oil, by applying Vaseline, or alcohol. But how would you do it in a right way? Don’t stress out, we are here to show you the right way. Keep reading!

Method 1: Leather Conditioner Treatment

You should buy a good quality leather conditioner for better treatment. Some people use oil treatments for softening the leather but oil may add grease to your bag. For securing the quality of leather, it is better to use a leather conditioner. In the market, there are also leather softening kits available. If you have a budget, you should purchase that kit. The kit contains all the necessary tools that help to improve the lifetime of leather. The kit has a good quality conditioner, leather milk, and water-tight beeswax. The leather conditioner has the ability to quickly soft the porous surface. Once you have purchased the conditioner, you should apply it nicely to a leather item.  

How to Apply:

  • Take a clean cloth and dip small drops of conditioner on it and rub gently to the surface of the bag.
  • Don’t apply too much conditioner on the leather item.
  • Don’t apply it directly to the leather.
  • Apply the conditioner in a circular way. Don’t apply it again and again over the same place- a single coating of the conditioner is enough.
  • Always use a cloth for application.
  • Apply to all the corners and edges of the bag for softening and smoothening.  
  • Don’t treat your leather bag with conditioner every day. For keeping the leather in excellent shape, it is advised to apply conditioner once in a month.

Method 2:  Water Treatment

This treatment doesn’t work with waterproof leather. It is useful for softening simple leather bags. Don’t immerse it in a water tub. To do so, you need to fill the spray bottle with water. Spray the water drops on the leather. Leather has natural holes that will absorb the water immediately. Don’t spray too much water. After spraying the leather with water, gently dry the surface with a clean cloth. If you don’t have a spray, you can use a damp cloth for water treatment. In the end, it is good to apply a leather conditioner.

Method 3: Treating the Leather with Heat

It is the easiest method of leather softening. This method is best for new items that are hard to bend. How to provide heat to leather bags? There are many ways to do so. One of the best ways is to throw in a spin dryer. The continuous heat in the dryer ensures the quick softening of the leather. Just place the dry leather into the dryer and keep it spinning for 10 minutes. Don’t heat it more than 10 minutes, because the additional heat can sear it.

You can heat it simply by placing it on the shelf of the bathroom when you are taking hot shower bath. The direct steam from the hot water would force the leather to become soft. It is an efficient and effective way for leather loosening.

You can also heat it by using a hairdryer. Every woman has a hairdryer so it is good to treat your leather with it. With the hairdryer, you can target any stiff corner and edges easily. Hairdryer works same as a spin dryer. With the hairdryer, you can directly heat the leather and adjust the heat levels. It is recommended to use low heat only and dry the leather at a distance. Don’t place the hairdryer to close the leather because it may burn the leather. After heat treatment, treat the leather with a good quality conditioner.  

Method 4:  Alcohol and Vaseline Treatment  

This is another good method to soften leather accessories. Following this method first you need to apply the alcohol to the entire surface. For the even application of alcohol, it is better to use a cloth. Once you are done with applying alcohol, it is time to use Vaseline. Apply the Vaseline over the alcohol and it works well if you apply Vaseline with your hands. This method is considered best because it maintains the color of the leather.

Buy Only Good Quality Leather Bags

It is recommended to spend on good quality leather bags only. Leather bags are the ideal choice for everybody because of their classy, stylish, and comfortable texture. Many companies are making leather bags and claiming that their bags are of premium quality.

Don’t go for any leather bag without verifying its quality. You can blindly trust on Minooy leather bags. Minooy is making hand-crafted fine-quality leather bags for years and is winning the hearts of many customers. You can purchase the high-standard leather bags from Minooy.

By following the above methods, you can easily soften the Minooy leather bags or any leather accessories. Stays connected with us and enhance your knowledge regarding leather items. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

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