How to fix cracked leather bag?

How to fix cracked leather bag?

This Article will take you through almost everything you need to know about How to fix cracked leather bag? We have also shared a guide that why do bags develop cracks?

Many people want to fix the cracked leather. It is possible to fix the cracked leather and restore its shape and quality. Leather is a luxurious material but with time it started to lose its shine and glory. A leather bag can serve you for years if you maintain its shape and quality. For this, you should keep it neat and clean. If there are any cracks on the bags’ surface, you need to fix them. We know best about leather and how to deal with these cracks. First, you should know that why do leather bags develop cracks? Since leather is made of animal skin and after time it is natural that it will become dry. Eventually, this dryness leads to cracking of hide. So, you cannot stop the leather from dryness or cracking. But you can fix it by following our tips and tricks.

Fixing the Minor Leather Cracks

If your bag has minor cracks you can fix it. Follow Minooy tricks to get rid of cracks immediately. What do you need to do? Well, before starting the process of fixing you need to collect all the required material for this fixing process.

Material Required

  • Good quality leather conditioner
  • A clean piece of cloth
  • A Soap
  • A soft-bristled brush

Step-by-Step Guidelines

Step 1: The first step is to clean the leather bag thoroughly. Clean the bag by using soap and a soft-bristled brush. Using the brush, cleanse the cracks thoroughly. Cleaning makes the crack soft and smooth.

Step 2: The second step is to apply the good quality leather conditioner. First, test the conditioner on a little piece of leather bag. Then gently apply the conditioner to the cracks using a spoon or sponge. Massage the conditioner thoroughly on the bags’ surface by using a spoon. Let the conditioner dry completely. Leave the bag aside for a night.

Step 3: After following step 2, if you still feel dryness on the bags’ surface then re-apply the conditioner on the leather bag. This re-application will allow the bag to gain moisture and adopt the shinny property.  It is necessary to use the conditioner on the bags’ surface once a month. When you apply conditioner every month, there is no chance of any additional cracking.

Fixing Thick Leather Cracks

The above method is suitable for dealing with minor cracks. But to deal with thick or deep cracks, using only leather conditioner on the bag’s surface doesn’t work at all. Conditioner will remove only minor and easy cracks. What should you do to remove thick cracks? Follow our guide to remove the deep cracks.

Material Required

  • A good quality leather cleaner
  • A knife
  • Leather filler
  • A piece of cloth
  • Ultra-fine sandpaper

Step-by-Step Guidelines

Step 1: The first step requires the deep cleaning of the leather bag. For deep cleaning, use the leather cleaner on the bag’s surface. Clean the dirt and dust completely by using a clean cloth. Cleaning makes the cracks more visible hence this step allows us to deal with them more precisely.

Step 2: Before applying leather filler, it is necessary to fully dry the bags’ surface. There should be zero moisture on the surface because moisture will not allow deep absorption of leather filler. To make the surface free of moisture, let the surface dry completely.

Step 3: Next step is to smooth the cracks by using sandpaper. By applying medium pressure, gently smooth the cracks. Keep rubbing the sandpaper on the cracks until you get the smooth surface. You should use soft and smooth sandpaper because rough sandpaper may develop scratches.

Step 4: After smoothing the cracks, it’s time to apply the leather filler to the cracks. Apply the filler with the help of a knife for better application. You can also use the brush for spreading the paste on the cracks. It is necessary to fill each crack completely.

Step 5: It is time to remove the extra paste from the edges. If you see filler is running off the cracks then remove the extra paste with the edge of a knife. Keep removing the extra paste until there is no overspill.

Step 6: It is the last step. In this step, leave the leather bag alone for the next six hours. This step allows the filler to dry and deeply absorb into the cracks- filling them properly. You should place it in a well-ventilated room. Don’t place the bag under daylight for drying because the direct light from the sun may develop more cracks. After six hours of filler drying, you would love to see the results. If you feel any shrinkage, apply another layer of filler.

You can deal with deep cracks easily and smoothly by following this method. With just a little effort, one can revive the shine and sparkle of a leather bag. All the material required for this step is easily available anywhere in the physical or online store. You should follow our tips and tricks for treating your leather bag in a professional way.


Preventive Measures

To avoid dryness and cracking, you should take deep care of your leather bag. Don’t place it under direct sunlight because direct daylight promotes dryness. And store your bag nicely in a wardrobe away from other accessories. Whenever you purchase a leather bag, must buy a good quality conditioner. Conditioner application once a week keeps the bags’ surface shinier and crack-free. So, it is necessary to purchase a leather conditioner.

High-standard leather bags demand less care as they are made of expensive material. So, try to purchase a bag from a well-known brand. You can trust Minooy handbags as they are making fine quality handbags that don’t develop cracks or creases easily. Fashionable handcrafted bags are available that will suit your style and looks. A genuine-quality leather bag maintains its shine and shape for a long time period. So, it is better to spend on such bags.

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