Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.
Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack.

Pyrrla Crossbody Backpack

Sale price$179.00 USD
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· Large capacity multifunction
· Use style: Backpack/Crossback
· Multi-pocket personality design
· Perfect After-sale Service System

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Full-grain leather is regarded as the highest quality leather, which is why we choose it for the production of our bag and accessories.

Being the strongest, outermost layer of the hide to be used, and keeping the grain in its entirety, rather than being sanded away to look more ‘uniform’, full-grain leather lasts much longer. As it ages, it develops a patina, which is the change in color over time. This change occurs faster on untreated pieces and is considered to be a highly desirable characteristic of leather.

On the smooth, unaltered surface, you can even see the pores and small hair follicles (if you use a magnifying glass), which indicates that the leather is of high quality. Other characteristics to take note of are fat wrinkles or growth lines, natural variations in the grain texture, shading, and small scars.

Every hide is unique as it comes from a different animal with different markings and blemishes so when looking at or working with full-grain leather you’ll soon realize that no two hides are exactly the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Laura W.
Beautiful All purpose Bag

I thought for a long time about getting this bag because it is much more expensive than the usual purses that I have. If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend getting this beautiful backpack bag. The size is not too big or not too small (although I wish it was a tad bigger to fit my iPad) and the leather is so luxurious. It is supple and soft, with attention to all the details. Having the credit card holder as part of the purse eliminates the need for a bulky wallet and is a wonderful feature. I am really pleased with my purchase and encourage others to indulge also.

Maria Fernandez

This bag is comfortable and perfect

Brandy B
Worth it!

I will admit I was hesitant to buy a bag directly from China due to shipping issues/potential customer service issues, but my bag arrived within two weeks in perfect condition. I was also worried about the sizing as I thought I might have trouble downsizing from a large tote-style purse. The pockets and zippers allow for excellent organization, I can definitely fit everything I need. The leather is also very soft to the touch. It seems very durable and well-made.

Willma Woodside

What is a perfect time for loved it a lot

Timisha Gilbert
Just the right size with multiple styles.

Found Minooy while doing a random Google search. Purchased this bag because it appeared to have the space and options I prefer in handbags. Only negative feedback I have is that the tracking system did not seem to be accurate, but that is likely not the company's fault. However, when I reached out to customer service they replied quickly. I've received the purse and beyond impressed. I've only had it for a week and converted several times for ease of use. The different styles available to wear the bag is useful. The quality and craftsmanship is beautiful. I look forward to future purchases and will be referring others.

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