Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag.
Artemis Crossbody Bag

Artemis Crossbody Bag

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  • Size:H 16.51cm x W 22.35cm x D 5.08cm (6.5" x 8.8" x 2.0")
  • Weight:0.615kg (1.35lb.)
  • Removable, Adjustable shoulder strap: 129.54cm(51")
  • High quality full grain leather
  • Metal hardware
  • RFID Blocking
  • Available as a Crossbody and shoulder bag
  • BUY 2 BAGS TO SAVE $30
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    Full-grain leather is regarded as the highest quality leather, which is why we choose it for the production of our bag and accessories.

    Being the strongest, outermost layer of the hide to be used, and keeping the grain in its entirety, rather than being sanded away to look more ‘uniform’, full-grain leather lasts much longer. As it ages, it develops a patina, which is the change in color over time. This change occurs faster on untreated pieces and is considered to be a highly desirable characteristic of leather.

    On the smooth, unaltered surface, you can even see the pores and small hair follicles (if you use a magnifying glass), which indicates that the leather is of high quality. Other characteristics to take note of are fat wrinkles or growth lines, natural variations in the grain texture, shading, and small scars.

    Every hide is unique as it comes from a different animal with different markings and blemishes so when looking at or working with full-grain leather you’ll soon realize that no two hides are exactly the same.

    Detachable multi-pocket design

    Two large main pockets plus a detachable, separate small money pocket
    Large main pocket: contains 6 card slots, 1 Keychain, and an inside zippered pocket
    Small main pocket: two internal compartments and one external compartment
    Separate detachable individual coin pockets: external compartment pocket, 4 card slots, one zippered interior pocket

    Separate small money pouch

    The bag's detachable small money pouch is available for separate use and has a strong adaptability. Meet your simple needs when you're temporarily out and about, it can carry a cell phone some cash and 4 cards. And it can be used with any of your other bags. The metal buckle can be matched externally. It can also be used as the liner of any large bag.

    Double buckle shoulder straps

    The double buckle design on the shoulder strap ensures a variety of possibilities for the bag, allowing you to have three different ways to match the bag depending on the distance and needs of the outing. This includes a separate main pocket or a separate small coin pocket, or a complete bag. Both the large main pocket and the detachable small money pocket have separate built-in card slots. Both can be used as a separate bag.

    Size measurement

    Bag handle height: 25.5 inches, total shoulder strap length: 25.5*2=51 inches,
    The front width of the bag is 8.8 inches, the depth is 2.0 inches, and the height is 16.51 inches.

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