How to Get Creases Out of Faux Leather Bag?  | 2 Effective Ways

How to Get Creases Out of Faux Leather Bag? | 2 Effective Ways

This Article covers up how to get creases out of Faux Leather Bag? No one can say NO to Faux Leather Bag because it has the ...
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How to Get Creases Out of Faux Leather Bag?  | 2 Effective Ways

The original leather is the most-wanted and highly desirable material. People want this material because it has the ability to withstand any weather conditions and will give a long period of service. But only rich people can afford the original quality leather. Now, many companies are making bags using faux leather. It is the best alternative to leather as it is inexpensive. Faux leather is designed to mimic the leather and it has a smooth surface than leather. Faux leather is made of plastic material. You can easily differentiate between the original leather and faux leather by smelling it. Faux leather smells like plastic and its surface feels unnatural. Faux leather bags are good quality bags but they will not last-long like original leather bags. But you can purchase it easily and carry this leather-textured bag proudly.

Why do faux leather bags develop creases?

Faux leather is an inexpensive way to enhance your style and fashion. But such bags develop creases more rapidly. The new faux leather bag may develop creases due to its packaging, especially when you order online.  Mostly the accessories are folded inside the shipping package- the bending may result in the development of wrinkles. You cannot afford creases or wrinkles in your brand new bag.

When you don’t store your bag nicely, there is a 100% chance of getting it creased. Hang it to a nice clean wardrobe where it cannot make contact with other items. You have to be careful while storing any faux leather accessories.

When you purchase a low-quality faux leather bag then it will definitely get creased. Well, faux leather is itself a copy of leather but it is a good quality synthetic material. But there are many companies that are utilizing low-quality faux leather in the making of bags. So, be aware while purchasing any leather bags.

Effective Ways to Get Creases Out of Faux Leather Bag

In order to use the faux leather bag for a long period, you have to take care of them. It is advised to remove the creases immediately, whenever they appear. How would you remove creases immediately? Well, it is natural and you cannot stop the faux leather bag from developing creases. Many ways are mentioned on the internet for removing creases but there is no guarantee that they will work. Today, we are here to deal with this issue. We know best about leather bags and will show you the ways to get rid of these stubborn wrinkles.

1. Putting Weight on a Faux Leather Bag

It is the most effective and easy way but it will take some time. The name shows that you need to put weight on the bag by using heavy objects such as a number of books or bricks. But this will work only when you do it in the right way.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • First, you need to put the bag in the spin-dryer and let it be heated for sixty seconds. Heat would help to smooth the surface. With this drying process, creases will remove instantly.
  • Don’t dry it for more than one minute- you may end up ruining the whole material.
  • Now after drying for one minute, place the bag on a table with a smooth surface.
  • Collect the heavy books or anything that is heavy and place it over the leather bag in a sequence, balancing the weight on all sides of bag.
  • Make sure to cover up the edges of the bag with a clean cloth or towel.
  • Once you are done with placing weight on a faux leather bag, leave it alone for a long time.
  • Keeping the bag under the weight overnight, would surely help to smooth the creases.

2. Steaming the Faux Leather Bag

You can remove the creases while taking a hot bath. It is such a convenient and easy method for anybody. This method works well with any leather accessory for removing creases. The steam rising from the hot water will force the creases to leave the bag.

 To do so, you need to hang your faux leather bag in the bathroom where water cannot reach the bag. Hang it in a place where is the maximum chance of steam absorption. It is not necessary to take bath while steaming. You can provide the steam by filling your bathtub with hot water and hanging the bag above it or running the hot water shower for some time until the temperature of bathroom reaches to 40 degrees. Make sure to close all the windows of the bathroom and keep the door shut. Don’t allow the heat to leave the bathroom. Turn off the exhaust fan immediately if it is ON. The steamy bathroom will remove the creases more quickly.

After steaming, lay the bag down on a table and start pressing it with your hands gently. This process will smooth the creases. This way is useful and effective only for removing minor creases.


To restore the look and glory of your bag, it is necessary to get rid of creases. We have checked the above ways and it works well for removing the creases. But be mindful while removing creases, you don’t need to remove each and every wrinkle from the bag. Sometimes the wrinkles are part of style and fashion. So, if you are successful in removing the creases from the middle surface of the bag, your game is all set.

There are some bags that don’t get creased easily and maintain the quality and class for a long period. Yes, such bags exist. Genuine quality leather bags are way better than Faux Leather Bags. Minooy is making genuine quality leather bags that are right fir for every style and look. They shipped bags very well in secure packaging so there is no chance of any quality damage. You can order a genuine leather bag from Minooy and they will deliver it at your doorstep.

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