How to get creases out of faux leather bag?

How to get creases out of faux leather bag?

Get to know about How to get creases out of faux leather bag? in detail. Trust me this guide is helpful for reviving your faux leather bag or any accessory.
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How to Get Creases out of Faux Leather Bag? -Guidelines by Minooy

Leather bags and accessories are suitable for any look and make your personality more charming and attractive. The faux leather after some time catches wrinkles and is degrading the class level thus such leather items may dull your style and charm. Faux leather is not actual leather it is a copy of leather and it is easily affordable. Faux leather is good quality leather and is used to make many items including costumes and accessories. People prefer this more because it is easy to purchase and is look same as the original leather. It is animal-conscious material – is not made of any animal hides. It gives the user great service and will definitely make your personality elegant and enchanting.

With time, faux leather may get some wrinkles and creases. It is recommended to take care of faux leather goods from the start because some creases are very hard to remove or may never disappear. You cannot keep it away from getting creases. But there is the solution to every problem. There are many hacks to get creases out of the faux leather bags. In this blog, we are going to share some of the effective ways with our visitors. With just a little effort, one can revive the quality of the leather item. When you keep your faux leather item free of creases, it will stay with you for a long period.

You can revive your faux leather bag or any accessory by drying and ironing it. Everybody has iron and dryer in their home so it is the cheapest and effective way to get rid of creases. But you have to do this process in the correct way. If you do it in your style you may damage your item. For effective results, follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

Step 1

Put your faux leather bag in the spin dryer and dry it for 1 minute. Make sure that you are not overheating your leather item because excess heat may scorch or burn the leather. Drying at medium heat for one minute will help to remove the creases out of the leather bag.

Step 2

After heating it for one minute, it’s time to take the leather bag out of the dryer and allow it to get cool. After cooling, put it again in the dryer and let it warm for more than 30 seconds.

Step 3

After drying, hang the faux leather bag on a hanger. This step is very important as it removes the distress from the item and the weight of the hanging bag will smooth the wrinkles eventually.

Step 4

Heating and hanging will remove creases but some wrinkles don’t go so easily. For making it free of creases completely, you have to follow the next step. After hanging the bag for hours, you need to iron it. Ironing allows you to remove the creases that are not removed by the dryer. Don’t iron the faux leather directly. Place the leather bag on a table and cover up the bag with a cloth or towel. Now, adjust the heat settings of your iron, set it to low heat and iron it gently. Don’t iron the same side again and again. Once you are done with one side, let it cool and move to another side. This heat and the cool process would relax the material and restore its quality.

Step 5

After ironing for hours, hang it again and let it relax. It is recommended to hang it in a warm bathroom. For this fill the tub with warm water– the steam and the heat rising from warm water will remove the excess creases.
This dryer and iron method is very useful and will get all the creases out of leather items. For making your bag new and fresh, follow these five steps thoroughly.

Care Tips

  • Whenever you go out your bag surely catches dust, dirt, and creases so clean your faux leather bag daily and prevent the leather from getting more creases and wrinkles.
  • Don’t wash your bag in a washing machine. The washing machines will destroy the quality of leather. Clean it with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly.
  • Keep your faux leather bag dry. After cleaning it with a damp cloth, hang it outside or in your room. Hanging is the best way to prevent it from getting more creases.
  • Smooth the bag with your hands before drying them.
  • It is advised to dry the leather bag in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep your faux leather bag safe and long-serving by storing it in a right place.
  • Don’t throw your bag inside the cabinet or wardrobe with other items, the direct contact with other accessories develops more creases.
  • It is good if you hang your leather bag separately from other accessories.
  • For maintaining the shape of the leather bag, fill the bag with clean cloths, tissues, and bubble wraps.
  • Keep the bag soft and wrinkles-free by applying leather conditioner and neatsfoot oil.



We have shared an effective way to remove the creases out of any leather accessories. By following our tips and tricks, you can secure the quality of your leather bags. You cannot stop your things from getting aged and dirty. But you can take care of them by treating them in the right way. Faux leather goods are worthy to buy and demand some care. We are here to share easy and effective care tips with our visitors.

But if you purchase an original quality leather bag, there is a very little chance of creases and wrinkles. I bet you must be wondering about where to buy good quality leather bags? Here is the good news for everyone. Minooy is making high-standard leather bags that are tough and strong and don’t develop wrinkles easily. It is making fashionable bags that will surely grab others’ attention. Buy your leather bag today!

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