How to make a Leather Pouch Bag?

How to make a Leather Pouch Bag?

If you are looking for easiest technique on how to make leather pouch bag then you are at the right place. Minooy is one of the largest brand providing top-notch leather bags worldwide.

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Leather pouches are very trendy and the latest in fashion. In the past, leather was only used in making ordinary bags that were mainly used for transportation. But now we get to see many leather pouches, handbags, suitcases, backpacks, etc. Leather bags look so classy and are far better than other bags. The simple and classy look of leather bags makes them a unique and demanding item.


Why it is a demanding item?

Leather bags, pouches, or clutches are popular because of their long-lasting service. Other stuff bags last only for 1 year. But this item is made to serve for more than ten years. Its appearance is luxurious and sophisticated thus adding more charm to your personality. Other bags, wallets, pouches are made by using plastic material or many other chemicals are used in coloring techniques. But leather is a natural material and its making process would not harm the environment. So, one can peacefully use leather bags, good for the environment. The other main reason for switching to a leather bag is that it is water-tight. Originally, leather has some pores that have the ability to absorb wetness or dampness, thus it naturally protects your things from rain. You can carry leather pouches, suitcases in every season. It will act as your reliable carrying partner.

You can make your own leather pouch by following some instructions. In this article, we are going to share a very simple DIY technique. By following our instructions, you can make your own leather pouch just with a little effort.

Required Material

Before starting the making process, you should first make sure that you have all the necessary material. It requires a few things that are easily available in your home. First, check out the following items.

  • A soft good quality leather piece
  • Sharp scissors
  • Bradawl
  • Needles
  • Lining fabric
  • String or thread for leather stitching
  • Ruler
  • Pen for marking

Once you have the above material, you are all set. Now, you need to follow some steps. Without wasting time, let’s move to the main steps.

Step 1: Cutting

One of the most important steps, the very first you will cut off the given piece. You must be worrying about the dimensions of the piece. First, you decide what kind of bag you want. You want it for carrying mobile, for carrying your accessories, or for keys. Once you have decided, now cut off the leather according to your size demand. As an example, suppose you are making a pouch for your cell phone. Then you need to cut off the leather in a rectangle shape, having a dimension of 16.5 inches. You can use the ruler for measuring the length and height of the rectangle.


Step 2: Inside Lining

You can make the inside of your pouch smooth and soft for your things. For this, you need to use a lining fabric piece. Lining fabric is a soft piece of cloth mainly used in the inside-lining of bags or pouches. You can get this from a cloth shop easily. Cut off the lining piece a little short than the leather piece. Before cutting, mark the piece using the pen or marker, marking would help you to cut it off nicely.

Step 3: Folding and Piercing

Once you are done with cutting and lining, now you need to move to the next step which is folding. Enfold the rectangle in such a way that its top flap is 3 inches in height and cut off the rough edges with scissors. Now, after enfolding you need to secure the edges. For this, pick the bradawl. Bradawl is mainly used to make holes in the leather. The holes will help you in stitching or securing the edges with the string. For making holes, place the enfold leather on a wooden board and start piercing holes by using a bradawl and a hammer.

Step 4: Stitching

For leather stitching, primarily Glover’s needle is used. Stitching becomes easy because of the holes you made. Insert the thread into the needle and start sewing from the first hole. And keep stitching until you reach the last hole. Once you reached the last hole, make a knot in the end for securing and cut the extra thread. The leather piece now looks like a pouch.


Step 5: Button hook

Make a button hook, for the opening and closing of the top flap. First, you need to make a thread loop. For this twist the thread in such a way that it can form a hook. Now, attach the thread hook to the top flap with the help of strong glue. After attaching the thread hook, stitch the button on the pouch. In this way, you can open and secure the top flap easily.

After following all the 5 steps thoroughly, you will love the result. It is one of the easiest techniques that we have shared with you. Take care of each and every detail while making.

Minooy Leather Pouches

Our Leather Pouches are the best in quality and design. We beautifully handcrafted them by taking care of each and every detail. We select the leather wisely and use only original leather. Latest design handbags, clutches, and pouches are available in our stores. Inspired by top designers, each bag is designed uniquely and beautifully.  Our leather products are not so heavy- easy to carry.  Unlike other bags, leather bags are good to utilize as they provide you resistance against rain, protecting your things inside the bags. It is acceptable to say that a leather bag is beneficial and reliable because of its notable style, design, class, and endurance.

We hope that this article has guided you in making your own pouch bag. If you want to buy a designer handcrafted leather bag, then you must explore our handmade leather bags. From threads to zippers, each and everything we use is of premium quality. Switch to leather bags and increase your charm today.

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